Alta Gracia Holy Water is a positively provocative water here to lift and refresh your spirit and remind you to hydrate your higher self. We believe there is enough death, negativity and divisiveness in the world and we are here to inspire and unite the highest version of ourselves.
We also believe in taking care of our planet and precious resources. That is why we package our water in eternally recyclable aluminum cans and source our water close to where it will be consumed. Our water comes from a Great Lakes aquifer, traveling through crystals and minerals before it is purified and made ready for you. Our water is clean, pure and delicious with a perfectly balanced pH of 7.
Beyond bringing the world the most divinely delicious water, each ounce of water you buy from us goes towards building our foundation for preventative mental health care education to fortify the minds of the next generations to come so they are better equipped to steward themselves and our planet.